Rezoning is changing the face of the Cambie corridor

Land Assembly specialists Craig & Steve will navigate you through the complex gauntlet

Vancouver is growing fast and homes are needed for all the new residents. Increasing housing density is the solution. Areas paralleling transportation corridors like the Cambie Corridor have been rezoned from single family to multiple families, from one-story homes to multiple-story condo developments.

That means, where homes such as your’s and your neighbour’s now stand, many new multiple family dwellings can be built. Your home has now become a valuable asset to developers who seek to purchase and redevelop your lot and your neighbour’s lot into tomorrow’s condominiums.

Rezoning and land assembly is a very complicated process. We are here to explain and navigate you through the complex gauntlet. Some of the terms or buzz words you may have already encountered: Floor Space Ratios, Price Per Build-able Foot, Feasibility Studies, Zoning Changes, Options, and the list goes on…

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We have over 50 years of real estate experience in this specific area of Vancouver. As your trusted advisors, we can prepare and protect you in this battlefield.

Today’s developers are extremely astute and knowledgeable and motivated! Be prepared to deal with them in the way that represents your BEST interests.